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Thanks for your interest! DAWN NorthWest offers Workshops and other Resources for Sustainable Building and Permaculture enthusiasts.

Dawn NorthWest (formerly DAWN/Out On Bale By Mail)

Since mid-1998, we have provided support for individuals wishing to build comfortable energy-efficient living spaces while restoring the natural environment. We provide a large and diverse selection of practical resources for natural integrated building systems which include educational materials, training opportunities, information sources, and referral services. In addition, DAWN NorthWest encourages technology exchange and advocacy efforts nationally and internationally as a partner with other centers in an evolving Natural Building Alliance.

Following this vision, we continue to partner with others in the SE Arizona region, including other natural builders and permaculture practioners in the community, supporting their events,  co-sponsoring and producing a series of workshops that integrate permaculture principles with natural building systems (construction using straw, earthen and other natural materials).

DAWN NorthWest  (formerly DAWN/Out On Bale By Mail) continues to evolve, expand and change.  To reflect that evolution and to simplify, we have changed the name slightly.  We are in the process of becoming a demonstration site for natural building and sustainable living. Owner Joelee Joyce and her companions (including Dulce, Bijoux and chickens) welcome visitors to come and spend a day playing with cob, earthen plasters and clay paints, learning water harvesting and land restoration strategies. Plans also include developing a line of organic herbal products in the near future.  Join a workshop & experience the joys of creating small, natural buildings that take on the owner/builder's touch in appearance and form. (follow the Workshops link at the bottom of this page.) We have just begun to realize the vision and enjoy building relationships and weaving connections to the earth.

As part of the resource center we maintain, you may find links and contact information to many of the helpful organizations and human resources  by clicking on "resources" at the bottom of this page (or link to resource page here). If you are a builder with experience and a portfolio of structures you have built, or an architect or an engineer who designs & works with alternative, natural materials, please contact us and we may be able to add you to our referral list.  If you are an owner/builder who can offer your site for others to view, and don't mind sharing your experiences, we encourage you to add your information to the International Straw Bale Registry at and let us know as well.  We get a lot of calls for people wanting experienced builders, or professionals, or just to see a "real-live" straw bale building.

We also provide a REFERRAL AND RESOURCE SERVICE for those of you who are just becoming acquainted with natural building and permaculture practices. If you would like a one-time referral package tailored to YOUR building location, or a telephone consultation, please tell us your plans for building, your location, and include a $20 fee. We will send you the appropriate referrals for resources (both human and physical) in your area, more information on working with building officials, & details that are not readily available to you. Due to the demand for this type of information, we now have to charge for this service. This work, while a labor of love, is also our livelyhood! Many thanks for helping us continue to provide these resources.

See our Calendar for details.

Just let us know and WE WILL BE HAPPY TO PUT YOU ON OUR WORKSHOP MAILING LIST! Here is a "sampler" of the possibilities...
Workshops to be offered
Adobe Walls Bud Grafting Building an Earthen Bread Oven
Cob Structures Composting Composting Toilet
Harvesting the Desert (Agave, Prickly Pear) Culvert Rainwater Cistern Earth Bag Construction
Earthen Floors, Finishes, Plasters & Paints Edible Landscapes Graywater Systems
Herb Spiral Hybrid Structures Land Restoration
Introduction to Permaculture Native Edibles & Medicinals Patterning
Rainwater Harvesting/Cisterns Sheet Mulching Solar Energy for Water Pumps
Solar Hot Water Heater Solar Panels for Cooling & Heating Straw Bale Buildings
Solar Oven Straw Bale Walls Water Harvesitng: Gabions & Swales
Thatching Top Bar Bee Hive Tours
Wash Water Garden Water Gardens Water Harvesting from Your Roof
Worm Composting Worm Toilets

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