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    The purpose of WWAT is to link those who are interested in learning various skills in Appropriate Technology fields with those who are interested in taking on workers in an internship type of arrangement. WWAT is just the initial networking tool; the interested parties work out the details between themselves.

    Please introduce yourself to the list. Let us know your interests and skills, and you might be surprised at the opportunities that show up in your email.

    The intent of this list is not so much to be a discussion as a networking tool. In order to make that happen, we have to be willing to send an email that says "Here's what I have to offer, here's what I'm interested in." I suspect that a number of our subscribers haven't gotten to the point of articulating *specifically* what they want to learn. It can be a little daunting, since "appropriate technology" can encompass so many interrelated disciplines.

    My suggestion, in light of that, is to write a post anyway. Your interests will become more clear to you as you write it, and as time goes on. Let the others here know what you're interested in, and feel free to point each other to resources that may fill the needs in another's posts.

    This list is just one part of WWAT's work. A number of people are engaged in things like putting together "sample" agreements for internship and other type arragements, and there are "members" of WWAT who are not on Email.

    Archives of the list are available. Beginning in January 2002, messages have been archived at http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/greenbuilder-wwat/

    Please read the list guidelines (see below) before engaging in discussion. In addition, familiarize yourself with how the list operates, especially if you've never participated in an Internet email discussion group before. It's a good idea to save this message somewhere so you know how to unsubscribe.

    When dealing with a listserver, there are two types of messages, namely, COMMANDS and POSTS. Unlike traditional listservers which require the use of numerous email addresses, we have simplified the process by allowing for both COMMANDS and POSTS to be sent to the same address. Address your messages to wwat@sustainablesources.com


    These e-mail messages are intended to cause some action to occur, such as subscribing the FROM address to a mailing list. Commands are usually one or two word phrases which should be entered in the SUBJECT field of the message. Any other fields are ignored... it doesn't matter what you put in them.

    This automated listserver supports the following commands. These commands *MUST* be the text in the SUBJECT field of your mail message.


    adds your e-mail address to the list of subscribers
    you will then receive all posts
    you are then allowed to post from that address


    removes your e-mail address from the list of subscribers
    you will no longer receive any posts
    you are no longer allowed to post

    subscribe digest

    switches you to digest mode
    you will then receive one message per day which lists all posts
    to switch back, send a "subscribe" command


    returns a list of digests for the past 30 days along with
    instructions for retreiving them via e-mail
    (see also the info above on viewing the archives on the web)


    this message will be returned


    Email messages which don't match any commands are distributed to everyone on the list. Every time you post a message, hundreds of other people on the list receive a copy, just as if you sent it to them personally. As a member of the list, you will receive a copy of every message anyone else sends. Only members of the list can post to it.

    If you are posting to FIND work, please use the subject "Available Worker".

    If you're looking for HELP or OFFERING a position, use the subject "Worker(s) Wanted".

    You may also be interested in several related lists available through Sustainable Sources.
    Webmaster for this page is Bill Christensen.

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